Self-care Tarot and Rune spread – a timeless general reading

The message about self-care can often be confusing.

There’s so much emphasis on essentially buying stuff to make yourself feel better, without addressing where you need to focus your attention in the first place. I get that treating yourself and having a splurge is nice once in a while, but how far are face masks and glasses of wine in the bath really going to take your self-care journey? 😉

We all have our unique problems, and the kind of self-care that you can buy at the shop can definitely complement that! But to really address the root of the problem yourself, you need to figure out why you’re struggling and what to focus on to get past it.

There’s where this reading comes in. I’ve created a spread of tarot and runes to explore what the problem might be for you and how you can try to overcome it. I LOVE working with both of these tools and I’m excited to share with you the messages the cards and runes hold!

If you prefer watching, here’s the video reading on YouTube (with extras!)

(Psst… the YouTube video features a mini-meditation and a pick a card oracle reading that’s not featured in this blog post!)

Self-care Tarot Reading

Here’s what the tarot spread looks like, and the questions I addressed:

  • Card one: What’s the problem?
  • Card two: What do you need to hear right now?
  • Card three: What do you need to avoid?

First card: The Magician

What’s the problem?

You may be the kind of person that’s expected to hold everything together when there’s a problem or when there are things to be dealt with – you’re kind of expected to just show up and make it look easy! Maybe that’s just because it’s what you’ve been taught as you’ve grown up, or your current circumstances (or the people you spend a lot of time with) are making you feel this way. I think that’s the trouble. A lot of the time there’s this pressure to be perfect – to project an unblemished, unflinching version of yourself to others, especially on social media.

You already know that there’s no such thing as perfection as we all have our own issues, quirks, and traits – but you feel like there’s that expectation to have your life in balance, when in reality you’re reached breaking point. You’re constantly the one sorting everyone’s mess out, without paying attention to your own problems. You’ve got this habit of distracting yourself from your own problems by taking on other people’s, and it’s making things much worse!

You’d love to pursue your poassions or the things you’re enthusiastic about – maybe that even ties in with the empathetic nature you’ve naturally been gifted – but you feqel there’s never any time, or it’s a wasted effort.

I feel that for you, self-care is not a series of light-hearted ‘treats’, but a more consiustent effort to improve areas of your life that are lacking.

When you look at the illsutration of the Magician cardI pulled, he is holding a candle, which is BURNING AT BOTH ENDS. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Second card: Two of Pentacles

What do you need to hear right now?

You’re capable of finding that much-needed balance, but you need to get a practical attitude about it. There’s no point wishing for something to happen, and then not bothering to put the work in, or making excuses and diverting your attention by taking on other people’s problems instead. I realise that when you have a lot to deal with, putting some kind of plan in place can feel mentally draining. But making excuses will just snowball the issue!

You also need to stop assuming that other people have it easy. You know how you don’t like to project the issues you’re facing onto other people, and instead, you just tell them you’re fine, when you’re really not? How do you know that other people aren’t doing exactly that?

It’s time to begin to work towards accepting that there are light and dark moments in all aspects of life.

What does this mean?

  • Don’t keep doing the same things over and over, expecting something to change without trying
  • If you HATE accountability (I’m raising my hand here!) then try setting really tiny goals. Like super small. It doesn’t matter if someone else you know is aiming WAY higher than you, smaller goals are much easier to hit. When you’re on a roll, then you can progress your goals!
  • Accept that you can’t change some things, and that’s okay. Don’t force it. Instead of exerting all your mental energy on things you can’t control, focus on the things you can.
  • It’s okay to ask for help if you need it!

Card three: Nine of Cups

What should you avoid?

This could be time to step back from the people in your life that drain your emotional energy. Sometimes, people don’t realise they’re doing it, but especially if you’re an empath this can derail your wellbeing very easily! That’s why boundaries are so important, and removing yourself from toxic situations, communities, or friendships if you have to. I’m not suggesting you have to be super ruthless – it’s your life and you take what measures you feel are appropriate, but I feel you have a tendency to get tangled up in other people’s drama and it negatively affects your state of mind. You absolutely can’t be expected to get your own life in order if you’re so wrapped up in someone else’s!

If you’re sitting there thinking you’re not actuaally involved in any negative or nasty groups or circles, let me ask you – do you follow anyone on socials for example, that parade a ‘perfect’ life? Posts that are framed as positive can very easily be negative if they make you feel badly about yourself.

Practice saying no!

Self-care Rune Reading

Here are the runes I pulled after the Tarot spread, which don’t follow the exact same questions, but definitely tie into them! I’m following a traditional ‘past, present, future’ spread here, which reflects the following:

  • Rune one: What in your past is affecting you?
  • Rune two: What in your present is currently affecting you?
  • Rune three: What do you need to look out for in the future?

Rune one: Nauthiz ᚾ

What in your past is affecting you?

I can’t believe how close to the Magician card this message is – this simply reinterates that you’ve neglected some part of yourself, and you’re left feeling unfulfilled. I feel that you’re disconnected from the goals you wnt to achieve, and that could be because you were told that you’re ungrateful for the things in your life, so you feel undeserving of the good things that present themselves. Maybe you even feel guilty whenever you try to put yourself first. That’s why I’m sure those superricial self-care rituals don’t do much for your mental wellbing, because they don’t have the power to undo hose negative beliefs you have about yourself.

I felt such a weight on my shoulders as a pulled this rune, by the way, as if I could feel your emotional baggage and negativity weighing on my own shoulders.

Rune two: Tiwaz, reversed ᛏ

What is currently affecting me in the present?

I get the sense you’re feeling totally unmotivated and defeated before you even start – definitely reinterating the two of pentacles from the tarot spread! You get so bogged down that you feel like you can’t even begin to change anything, even though you want to. There’s just so much going on right now that you feel overwhelmed and have no clear direction.

Rather than trying to tackle everything at once, can you try with someothing small? Progress is so much better than perfection!

Rune three: Isa I

What do you need to look out for in the future?

A reminder to accept the things you can’t change. Eventually, those things that seem so frustrating and annoying will turn into something you can learn to embrace (it takes time!) Everything evolves in its own time, and you have to practice being comfortable with that. I feel like one of your bad habits is making extra work for yourself by trying to change those things, whatever they may be, and it distracts you from the immediate things you can actually control. You’re tiring yourself out with this unnecessary work!

Did this reading help you ientify what you need to work on?

If you need some extra clarification and guidance on your problem, check out my readings or contact me directly. I’d love to chat with you!

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