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Whether you have a question about a reading, a meditation suggestion, or you want to work together on a writing or voice project, the best way to reach me to start a conversation is my email address,

A quick reminder about readings…

What you can expect

As with all of my readings, I take a realistic, practical approach to creating your spread.

This means:

🎴 You receive a custom spread of cards or runes for your specific question.

🎴 I explain what each card or rune in your spread represents and my interpretation, with any advice and next steps you could take.

🎴 Have your reading delivered in written, HD video, or high-quality audio with a photo of your spread

🎴 A completely confidential, ethical reading. Check out my code of ethics.

Once you contact me to book your reading

✔️When you’ve sent your info to me, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to introduce myself and ask for clarification if it’s needed!

✔️ Your reading will be completed within 3 working days and delivered by email in the format you requested

✔️ If anything isn’t clear, I’m only a message away! Always happy to offer clarification on any card in your spread

Looking forward to working through your situation together!