Code of Ethics

As an intuitive reader, many people come to me with their problems and tricky situations, hoping for insight and guidance into what actions to take. Some of these problems are very sensitive, private, and sometimes harrowing or difficult to talk about.

I take my job extremely seriously and it is a huge privilege when you choose me as your reader. I promise never to be judgemental when providing my intuitive readings, and every part of our readings will remain confidential.

Please remember that under UK law, intuitive readings must be used for entertainment purposes only, and must never be a replacement for your medical or psychological care.

What can’t readings do?

⭕ I don’t work with spirits, so I’m unable to tap into the spirit world to bring you messages.

⭕ Tarot and oracle cards don’t predict the future – we all have free will and you have the power to change your life’s path!

⭕ I can’t tell your fortune – again, this is not what intuitive readings are for and goes against my ethics.

⭕ Yes and no questions are almost impossible to answer! During my readings, we can explore possibilities, but no definite answers.

Important information about your readings

✔️ Due to the nature of tarot readings, all sales are final and I cannot offer a refund once a reading has been done.

✔️ I don’t answer questions about medical conditions, gambling, pregnancy, politics, legal matters, or missing persons. Sorry!

✔️ I want to make sure you’re happy with your reading, so please let me know if you have questions or aren’t sure about anything!

✔️ I cannot offer readings for people under 18.

Contact me

Unsure of something before you book your reading, or have any questions? Contact me by email or Instagram DMs.