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Your reading is personal, confidential, and comes with a guided meditation to listen to before your reading if you wish. You can choose to have your reading delivered in high-quality audio with a photo of your spread, a written PDF with photos, or a high-quality video.

Don’t see a spread you like or have questions before you buy? Please contact me as I’m on hand to help you make the best choice!

Simple tarot card reading


A three-card intuitive reading, perfect for gaining a solid understanding of your situation and some practical advice so you know what to do next!

In-depth tarot card reading


A deeper dive into your situation or specific question, with a custom spread of cards, offering detailed insight and practical advice.

Combined tarot, oracle, and rune reading


Consult the tarot, oracle, and runes for a powerful combined spread to offer insight into different parts of your situation. The ultimate intuitive reading!

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Not sure which option is best for you?

I want to make sure you’re happy with your intuitive reading experience, so please contact me first and I can help you figure out which reading to opt for!

Wow, firstly let me thank you for taking your time to complete a reading from you, it is very much appreciated! Your reading is very thorough and informative, laid out well even with a photo of the cards too! It definitely resonated with me. I know now if I focus on myself that love will find me when it’s ready and this reading has reiterated that. I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!


What are intuitive readings?

🎴 As an intuitive reader, I use my tarot, oracle cards, and runes as ways of channeling my intuition and helping you gain some insight on many aspects of your problem.

🎴 Each card or rune will usually represent a specific question, and they work together to give you an overall meaning, too. Once you have explained what you need guidance on, I will decide a custom spread that I believe will help you most, and then meditate on it, drawing cards and runes intuitively.

🎴 To make things as clear as crystal, I offer a written or spoken explanation of what each card or rune represents, what it’s called, and my interpretation, specific to you. I enjoy showing you what your personal spread looks like, so will always offer a photo and even a video if you prefer!

Why are they so powerful?

Intuitive readings don’t tell your future or your fortune, and they can’t tell you when something will happen, or whether it even will.

They offer so much more than that.

🎴 Readings with tarot cards, oracle cards, and runes will instead help you see your inner thoughts and feelings that you might be unaware of, and empower you with the knowledge you need to work towards the outcome you want.

🎴 My readings offer practical, realistic advice and guidance that you can actually put to work, to improve your chances of getting the outcome you truly want and need.

🎴 I strongly believe we have free will, and our actions and way of thinking affect not just what happens to us, but how we react to it. Readings can help give you the confidence and strength to deal with what life throws at you.

Read my code of ethics to find out more about what intuitive readings involve.