I’m Francesca, and I want to help you create a fulfilling life using intuition and meditation – without the fluff.

At some point, everyone needs help to feel more confident and clear on things; it’s okay to ask for help with life and career.

But I don’t want to try and predict your future, tell you to go on a pilgrimage to find yourself, or any of that vague or impractical stuff.

Intuitive readings using Tarot, oracle cards, and runes are a powerful way to look into your subconscious and figure out which way to turn, and guided meditations help get you in the right frame of mind to deal with your problems (and it just feels quite nice to switch off your brain sometimes!)

Along the way over the past decade, I’ve kind of been on a career journey myself; as a content marketing writer and voiceover artist, I use my learned skills and natural abilities to create positive, helpful, and inspiring content for businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their services in a way that feels more cathartic than car-salesman.

Intuitive readings with tarot, oracle, and runes

Let’s get one thing clear: tarot and oracle cards are just pretty pictures. You won’t see me plucking predictions out of thin air, or professing to see danger in your future. I’ll leave that for the horror films!

Instead, I use my tarot and oracle cards as tools to help give you insight into what path to take with your problem. These readings offer practical guidance you can actually use to help you achieve what you want and need.

After a reading, you have full control over what happens next. It’s your actions that affect your outcome! I simply highlight areas that you might not have been consciously aware of.

Guided meditations and sleep stories

Meditation is practical and enjoyable, and you don’t have to buy into the woo-woo stuff for it to work effectively. Even the busiest person has time to meditate, and the guided part keeps your brain focused if you struggle to switch off.

I’m delighted to have offered guided meditations to people and businesses to help with relieving stress, anxiety, worry, and boost self-confidence.

Right now, I offer free meditations and sleep stories that I write myself, through my YouTube channel, and patrons get access to exclusive meditation content.

Content marketing & voiceovers

As a business or entrepreneur that’s focused on making your customers feel valued, appreciated, and content, there’s nothing worse than the hard-sell.

As a content marketing writer for spiritual, metaphysical, and wellbeing brands, I understand the importance of transforming your message into convincing, helpful, inspiring content. I write short and long-form blog posts, engaging social media posts, product descriptions, and course materials.

Need a calming, reassuring voice for your next project? Fortunately, I was blessed with a set of pretty pleasant vocal cords that sound great on guided meditations, explainer videos, phone messages, and audiobooks. I learned the rest, building my own recording studio at home, with studio-grade equipment at my disposal, making for sweet-sounding audio with no distractions.