I’m Francesca, and I want to help you create a fulfilling life using intuition.

At some point, everyone needs help to feel more confident and clear on things; it’s okay to ask for help. And intuitive readings using Tarot, oracle cards, and runes are a powerful way to look into your subconscious and figure out which way to turn.

I use my tools – the cards and runes – as visual cues to help you navigate through your problems and ask useful questions that will help bring forward issues to work around, and potential outcomes. The amazing thing about using intuition within readings – in my opinion – is that you have full control over what happens next.

I’m a firm believer that your attitude and actions right now affect your outcome, which is why you won’t see me plucking predictions out of thin air, or professing to see danger in your future. I’ll leave that for horror films!

Intuitive readings with tarot, oracle, and runes

As an intuitive reader, I use my tarot, oracle cards, and runes as ways of channeling my intuition and helping you gain some insight on your problems. These readings offer practical guidance you can actually use to help you achieve what you want and need. Find out more, book a reading, or become a Patron to unlock exclusive content!

Readings, meditations, and more on my YouTube channel

If you love calming, fun, and positive content, then you might enjoy the videos I create over on YouTube! Here’s one of my most popular videos on Runes For Modern Life, but you’ll find Tarot chats, guided meditations, pick a card readings, and tutorials, too. Visit my channel to subscribe!