Want a fresh perspective on your problem, with fun, practical guidance you can actually use?

No, you won’t find scary predictions and misty-eyed crystal ball readings here.

Maybe you’ve tried making ‘pros and cons’ lists, copying those inspirational quotes you find all over Pinterest, but nothing sticks.

Or you’ve shied away from working with a tarot reader in the past because you think it’s all incense sticks and woo-woo BS.

Iā€™m Francesca, an intuitive reader, creator of guided meditations, writer & voice artist.

I take a practical, positive approach to guiding you with Tarot and oracle, helping you uncover parts of your subconscious that will nudge you to take action on the things you care about.

I write guided meditations and sleep stories, too – they’re easy to listen to, and help reduce stress and worry – no epiphany required!

What do you need right now?

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I just need some calm! Take me to your meditations, please

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Francesca completely answered my question and is a clear and kind reader. I felt some kind of warm feeling while reading her words of advice. She gave me a very accurate spread of cards and I liked how Francesca sent me simple but strong messages to help me to think about my next steps and how to act in a more assertive and fulfilling way. She helped a lot with her talent and wisdom. Thank you so much for this much-needed reading!